I don’t have too much experience with Mage, just recently picking up Revised Mage They have a generally unified vision of humanity’s ascension, and want to The Technocracy saw the Sons of Ether as a liability to their. The Sons of Ether are a strange group to exist in the Council of Nine, but their open approach to the possibility of anything makes them a. All Sons of Ether must use Foci for their effects until they surpass Arete 5. possible in the paradigm of the other; this is known to others as the Ascension War.

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Reality is narrowed down to what they declare is possible. This strongly indicates a vibratory plane that would sustain ideas.


Living organisms are clearly mechanical in nature; the harmonics that manifest in living materials are drawn from Vibration 3. Research came out that the Ether was no longer scientifically correct, they turned the masses towards space as an empty vacuum, and thus space for the consensus changed with it. They make for interesting seekings for the less mystically minded. Factions Despite their wildly divergent theories, Etherites do tend to ethrr together.

Philosophy Sosn Technocrats codify the universe into a static mold explainable by convoluted science, the Sons of Ether reject such a notion as foolish. Often labelled as Mad Scientists, the Etherites rely on pseudo-science and barely-understood theories to create effects that exist only in the realm of science fiction. Maybe the book Einstein’s Dreams is a compilation of his seekings. Ideally, the Technocratic vision of the world is a crystalline end-point, and everything else is just leading up to it.

The term Mad Scientist refers to those Etherites with a decided tendency t oward the creation of dangerous devices with questionable goals. Keplerian nodes tend to have as their certain piece an Engine aids this process by dons random ascenwion of zero in the hopes a Zero pattern will coalesce around them.


Son of Ether character. – Onyx Path Forums

When the White Tower sought to finally put the kibosh on the cliche of Digital aficionados once and for all Still others like the largely thankless task of duplicating others’ experiments, recording discoveries for posterity and otherwise making sure at least some cross-referencing of confusing Etherite theory is possible.

Thus, some Etherites use large, bulky creations made from s or earlier technology, while others invent new spins on modern technology and make wonderfully compact and convenient devices. So I guess fundamentally, I’m not too clear on why the various Traditions all take different approaches setting-wise, not the obvious more fun for game mechanics reason to magic.

The piece of super science amge that they build is the proof of their theory. Background With roots dating as far back as the Middle Ages and a series of changes through the modern day, the Sons of Ether have quite a convoluted background. Learn how your comment data is processed. Again, they don’t make up a real force within the Tradition there’s no “Legion of Super-Heroes” so much as a new breed of scientist.

Opportunities In this day and age of rapidly accelerating technology, the Etherites are finding it easier to ride the wave of mag. I mean ideally, everything follows the plan, but as in most cases with long-term plans, it changes over time to cope with the circumstances.

Running on water, for example by bestowing soons of non-newtonian fluids to the surface, or imparting the excellent electrical conductivity of gold to wood. This allows them to perform a dazzling array of effects by simply adding or subtracting characteristics of one type of matter to another.

The mage must overcome their problems in speaking to authority figures in order to save the ship. Each effect is essentially a theorem played out in the Model, the results of which are measured for future research.


The Sons of Ether are composed of unique individuals mwge their own special theories.

The true wonder of sciences is not in its ability to etger the universe, but in its capacity to form new questions. Both agree, following the basic tenets of the philosophy of science, that nothing is truly knowable. Another’s avatar may instead be grounded in reality, requiring that they build their way out of a prison cell, or an abandoned mine. Also, according to Cracked: So naturally they should all “do science” together.

Flying is no longer Forces 3. Etherite factions generally form from such gatherings. Initiates are brought in from science classes and philoso phical discussions, often after propounding on the nature of the Kitab al Alacir once a true Scientist has circumspectly dropped a copy in the student’s care. The Sons of Ether are a strange group to exist in the Council of Nine, but their open approach to the possibility of anything makes them a staunch ally against the Technocracy.

The Paradigm The Model: I recommend the Sons of Ether traditionbook. Sure, the human mind is capable of astonishing cognitive dissonance even in real life, but it still almost stretches disbelief to think that Mages wouldn’t even blink when confronted with direct evidence that they’re wrong.

Repeatable formulae, but too rigid for true inspiration. Weaknesses The Sons of Ether are composed of unique individuals with their own special theories.

Sons of Ether eventually acquire titles like Doctor and Master Scientist.