Lule Ahmedi, Dr. Ing. EDUCATION. Aug -. April Doctoral studies in computer science at Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg,. Germany – Department. University of Prishtina, Faculty of Electrical and Computer Engineering. Internet, Winter Instructor. Prof. Dr. Lule Ahmedi Consultation hours. Lule Ahmedi’s 36 research works with citations and reads, including: ViziTo: A system for recommending touristic Points of Interest using Bimodal.

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Involvement of Kosovo in EU research projects with an emphasis on ICT is then discussed, followed by oule SWOT analysis of the ICT research capacity in Kosovo Finally, the national background report introduces ICT research priorities on the basis of the country’s readiness, as well as priorities on the basis of future potential. Organisation and supervision of seminar works: Here the complete agenda of the seminar. The students that participated in this study visit are: Recommending the adequate query in search engine for a specific user on the web is still a challenge even for recommender systems today with social networks incorporated.

Five students of University of Prishtina, Computer Engineering Department, among best students in their generation: The latter confirms the relevance of our approach for applications that need to interact with interlinked XML document networks in ahmed XPath-like fashion.

An e-Learning tool to aid students in learning database normalization launched. Moreover, after describing some real cases of MOOC based flipped classroom learning, we also provide some recommendations in order to enhance and enrich learning experience by employing innovative pedagogies. Semantic technologies have proved to be a suitable foundation for integrating Big Data applications.

Lule Ahmedi – The Mathematics Genealogy Project

Initially, new ontology, its concepts and relationships are introduced to model water quality monitoring through mobile sensors. Abstract Semantic technologies have been extensively used for integrating stream data applications. It provides a light-weight global access to the content of XML data through a common ontology in XML from anywhere in the network, and It performs a seamless integration of data, keeping the inner mixture of allocation of data, their schemas and semantics transparent to the user.

The simplicity, coherence and uniformity of the LDAP model allows us to seamlessly integrate source data, schemata discrepancies, and semantic information under a common framework, that is, by design, able to reconcile integration and data processing issues. The evaluation initially with an exemplary real-life experiment, and then extended to a massive online dataset from Foursquare, proves our approach as feasible inestimating the tourist’s satisfaction with individual POIs.


Artificial neural networks feedforward and recurrent neural nets resulted to be promising.

Lule Ahmedi – Google Scholar Citations

First rank in University of Prishtina admission exam. The architecture is validated by mean of three rich-in-semantic services: Abstract With the progressive role of computers and theirusers as actors in social networks, computations alikesocial network analysis SNA are gaining in attention. Query processing systems enable querying, but to the best of our knowledge, Semantic Web rules are still unable to handle the required reasoning features for effective inference over stream data, i.

In this paper we extend this ontology with a module for identifying the possible sources of pollution. In line with the just recent “social machines” phenomena, this work proposes an extension based on social network analysis SNA to the tourist tour planning.

Moreover,instead of a common unimodal network, a bimodal tourist-reviewer network is modeled as suggested by the SNA literature given tourists and POI reviewers act as two distinct classes of entities with links between them representing their dis llue. ViziTo is a system which recom-mends a touristic POI for a tourist, based on bimodal social network analysis SNA and its specific metrics.

Abstract Author ranking is growing in popularity since search engines are considering the author’s reputation of a Web page when generating search results. Valon Blakaj, Master student BSc. The thesis is published as book by Logos Qhmedi Berlin and is available via http: Finally briefed on recent algorithms: This work proposes an approach based on … More.

Analysis and design of databases, Database programming lab courseXML and databases, Semantic Web, Wrapper generation team project courseSocial network analysis team project courseAdvanced algorithms and data structures, Software engineering, Object-oriented software engineering.

Faculty of Computer Science Design of study programs for bachelor and master studies in Software Engineering Working group member.

Mathematics Genealogy Project

The final publication is available at World Scientifc Publishing via https: Proceedings of the Annual “Science Week” Conference orig. Ottilien natural ahmefithe University Museum, the city of Freiburg and the city of Strasbourg in France. The support for cooperation has been confirmed in the meetings Prof. A valuable contribution was given by international and local partners in the consortium: Modeling co-authorship networks merely in FOAF, as is common with social networks, suffers the inability to capture semantics which are specific to collaboration schemes in the scientific community.


Lule Ahmedi

Although few systems for normalization of relations are already in place to support schema refinement, they are rarely used be it by database practitioners, or as a teaching aid at universities. Abstract We investigate the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol LDAP that provides a powerful means to link distributed data collections into an entity searchable as a single collection. A production rules system was developed to demonstrate how our ontology can be used to enable water quality monitoring.


For more information, please read my short Bioor my detailed CV. Click here to access the Water Portal developed, which provides in real-time every 10 min and over distance raw water quality data of Sitinca river measured through wireless sensors deployed in Sitnica.

The FOAF ontology has become a core model for describing social data of people and their links on the Web, and the people ranking is growing in popularity since search engines are considering the … More.

The purpose of this thesis is, therefore, to provide an ontology-based data ahmedj system. Especially in fields dealing with sensitive data, such as healthcare, the resulting patterns should be ahjedi and interesting. Additionally, a ranking algorithm based on in-degree or authority centrality is adopted to identify the highest ranked reviewers within the island and recommend their preferred POI s to a given tourist.

The idea is to initially develop a mobile system to monitor drinking water and report cases with diarrhea in certain regions in Kosovo here the thesis description. Reinterpret existing software solutions to readily enrich them with semantics. With the progressive role of computers and their users as actors in social lulr, computations alike social network analysis SNA are gaining in attention. Thereby, new emerging technologies such as wireless sensor networks WSN are recognized as an essential enabling component of the IoT today.

This was the 5th edition of this nationalwide awarding contest in the field of ICT with nominees mainly from Kosovo, Albania, and Macedonia. In addition, over what links to actually ljle author ranking? As the result, a cooperation on a certain common research topic of ahmeid is under way and subject to further extension. Ahmedi was among invitees in this meeting which aimed to bring together womens involved in science and innovation in Kosovo, and share their experiences and impression of the role of women in country with regards to research and innovation.


Facts and Future Trends.