Ludovico Bertonio ( in Rocca Contrada – 3 August in Lima) was an Italian Jesuit missionary to South America. Life He entered the Society of Jesus in . Ed. facsimilaria.; compuesto por el P. Ludovico Bertonio ; publicado de nuevo por Julio Platzmann. English: Title page of Ludovico Bertonio’s Vocabulario de la lengua aymara. Primera parte: donde por abecedario se ponen en primer lugar.

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Retrieved October 14, It flows along the southern slopes of Pinqullu. Member feedback about Llama llama: The printing press having been introduced and established by the Jesuits at the Indian mission of Juli in southwestern Peru, Bertonio had the following works printed there, including four in the year alone: The publications by Father Bertonio being as rare as they are important, Platzmann has published in facsimile the “Arte y grammatica” of and the Vocabularies.

Wisk’achani brtonio north of the village of Chawpi Suyu Chaupisuyo.

Member feedback about Atawallpa Cusco: By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Retrieved March 28, Que significa dos solamente, Member feedback about Jaquehuata: Member feedback about Ludovico: Member feedback about Ludovico Bertonio: Volcanic groups Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

Ludovico Bertonio – Wikipedia

Portada del Vocabulario de la lengua aymara. Work He wrote on the Aymara language. Wisk’achani lies north of Chumpe and southeast of Alcamarinayoc. Wisk’achani lies northwest of Ludoivco Laqaya.


It lies east of a village of that name. Surimana lies northwest of Qullpa K’uchu and Minasniyuq. Sent to Peru bertomio years later, he worked principally among the Aymara of southern Peru and of Bolivia. Member feedback about Sillane: Member feedback about Huiscachani Marcapata-Ocongate: It is situated between ldovico Siriri valley and the Quenamari valley, east of Surapata. Title page of Ludovico Bertonio’s Arte y grammatica muy copiosa dela lengua aymara. Member feedback about Wanu Wanu: It flows to Curahuara de Carangas in the north.

Member feedback about Pacha Inca mythology: Laram Qullu lies northeast of Chuqi Sillani.

Ludovico Bertonio | Revolvy

Title page of Ludovico Bertonio’s Vocabulario de la lengua aymara. There is little agriculture in the area because water supplies are scarce and somewhat saline. Archaeologists have discovered evidence that people lived on the island as far back as the third millennium BC.

Many hills on the island contain agricultural terraces, which adapt steep and rocky terrain to agriculture.

Vocabulario de la lengua aymara

Most taxonomic authorities recognize two extant species: The editor of New Advent is Kevin Knight. Ubicado en RosaPata Jayu Quta is about 3. Copyright Office before January 1, Member feedback about Lluqu Chuyma: Member feedback about Samacasa: References BIGM map 1.


The word was used in the 19th century and comes from the Dictionary of Ludovico Bertonio Arte de la lengua aymara con una selva de frases en la misma lengua y su declaracion en romance Vocabulario de la lengua aymara first and second part Confesionario muy copioso en dos lenguas, aymara y espanola etc.

Uyuni topic Uyuni Aymara, uyu pen enclosureyard, cemetery,[1] -ni a suffix to indicate ownership, “the one that has got a pen”, “the one with a pen” is a city in the southwest of Bolivia. Member feedback about Ch’iyar Quta La Paz: Each year the city receives approximately 60, visitors from around the globe.

Manual Vincente Ballivian in a pamphlet conclusively refutes the slur cast by Sir Clemente Markham on Bertonio, that the latter invented the name “Aymara. Founded in as a trading post, the city has a population of 10, official estimate. Retrieved February 12, Title page, Arte y grammatica muy copiosa de la lengua aymara, Warachikuy topic During the Inca Empire Warachikuy Quechua [1] was a ceremony where young men, after undergoing various tests of skill and valor, could receive the official status of an adult man.

Member feedback about Uyuni: