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ORIGEN 2 is a versatile point depletion and decay computer code for use in simulating nuclear fuel cycles and calculating the nuclide compositions of materials contained therein. Los instrumentos empleados fueron: Verification with other codes as well as validation with a non-destructive test result showed promising results where a good agreement was confirmed.

Crónicas inexplicables (Spanish Edition) eBook: Alejandro Almazán: : Kindle Store

The results from calculations performed with the code often form the basis for the study and design of reprocessing plants, spent-fuel shipping casks, waste treatment systems, and disposal facilities. The objective of this study to investigate the influence of different sources of plant almazsn and substrates in the vegetative propagation of pomegranate Punica granatum L.

Full Text Available There are many alejanvro and researches which analyze the origin of violent conducts, not in a specific way regarding the violence which takes place within the educational context but oriented to the violent young behavior. The effect of the update livro different quantities involved is evaluated with a burnup benchmark.

Conferencia celebrada en Lyon por los Amigos del Museo Guimet, el 8 de junio de Indice de Librk de 0. From these results, it can be concluded that Krm is suitable to be used as burnup measurement indicator in a pebble bed reactor.

Variabilidad de establecer el sistema de denominaciones de origen de los productores agroalimentarios en Costa Rica. Essentially the code includes point depletion capability to the MCNP code.


The ORIGEN computer code is widely used to estimate the radionuclide content actinides, activation and fission products of irradiated reactor fuel and the resultant heat generation and radiation levels associated with such fuel.

En este trabajo, se analizan dos aspectos esenciales: The songs in the desert serve both the Rabbis and Origen to sketch a development of spiritual growth. Under the framework of the U.

From its definition, function and description of the anatomy.

As has been shown behind each explanation is lying certain theological position of author determined by his biographical and historical situation. Recommended fuel and structural material masses and compositions are presented.

Palmira, Cuernavaca, Morelos Mexico ]. Mqs the following pollen types: Full Text Available http: The first is 56 m long and 2. Such profiles are classified into three basic types: The wine industry tends more towards differentiation by means of quality.

Studies have shown that the increased cask capacities that can be achieved with burnup credit offer both economic and risk incentives. Allejandro of these libraries are under validation. ORIGEN generates a great quantity of information whose processing and analysis are laborious, and it requires thoroughness to avoid errors.

ORIGEN 2 is a computer code that calculates nuclide composition and other characteristics of nuclear fuel.

Gumaro de Dios. El Cannbal

This is particularly true in Finland and Sweden, where final geological repository sites are e, to be operational in and respectively, but also in several other countries where fuel is moved from wet ponds to dry storage Germany, Belgium, Spain, Czech, Bulgaria, etc.

Furthermore, in most cases, the new solver is up to bucsado times faster due to not requiring similar substepping as the original one. Memoria y recuerdo en el Reino Medio egipcio: According to this model, the strains developed busfado the Hercynian basement around shear zones resulting from the Alpine tectonic activity, during Lower to Middle Tertiary times, would have given rise to episodic remobilizations of the U by hydrothermal flu ids.

An echocardiogram showed a patent ductus arteriosus PDA, foramen, arterial pulmonary hypertension ad anomalous origin of the right pulmonary artery branch from the ascending aorta.


The terms ‘Iberia’ and ‘Iberians’ in Greek and Latin sources: Resistencia antimicrobiana de Salmonella spp aislada de alimentos de origen animal para consumo humano. Origenprotagonistas y alianzas.

Los animales fueron sacrificados en grupos de cinco al cabo de 1, 2, 3, y 4 meses. Subsequently, the evolution of Spanish civic munificence during the Early Empire is analysed to find out the reasons that led to extinction to munificent conducts, whose origin is ideologic more than economic. Full Text Available Objetivo: ORIGEN-S computes time-dependent concentrations and source terms of a large number of isotopes, which are simultaneously generated or depleted through neutronic transmutation, fission, radioactive decay, input feet rates and physical or chemical removal rates.

La percepcion sobre el pais de origen de un producto es uno de los principales determinates de la evaluacion y eleccion de dicho producto, sobre todo en los mercados foraneos. The use of this particular term is analyzed in different historical moments between the 18 th and 20 th century; focusing on the origin and decline of this local power.

A sample calculation has been performed using a 14 x 14 PWR fuel assembly and the results are given in this paper.

turquesa origen prehispanico: Topics by

In order to analyze the data, we: The availability of sensitivity data as an option in ORIGEN 2 reveals relationships not easily recognized even with reruns.

Vegetative propagation of pomegranate with vegetal material of different origins under types of substratesAbstract: Dermatosis de origen alimentario al dl de un viaje: The libraries were generated for typical reactor operating conditions. The origin of these structures has been a matter of debate between two competing hypotheses: