User guide • Read online or download PDF • Kodak DX User Manual • Kodak Cameras. Kodak EasyShare. DX zoom digital camera. User’s Guide. Camera manuals and free digital camera pdf instructions. Find the user manual you need for your camera and more at ManualsOnline. User manual for the device Kodak EASYSHARE DX Online user manual database.

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Putting Yourself in the Video The Self Timer creates a second delay between the time you press the Shutter button and the time video recording begins. Storage Capacities File sizes can vary. Problem Ready light glows steady red. Liveview—Framing with the Camera Screen When you turn on Liveview, the camera screen displays a live image of what the lens sees. Enter text from picture: Stored pictures are The card was damaged.

In Video mode, the camera captures video. When you turn on the camera, the lens extends to the Wide Angle position. Night For night scenes or low light conditions. If you take no action, the picture is saved. If you experience compatibility issues between this product and future hardware products or operating systems, contact your hardware or operating system manufacturer or retailer.

Press to highlight Self Timer then press the OK button. Record in internal memory Card speed is slow Memory card is full Cannot save Share tagging Internal memory is full Cannot save Share tagging Page 91 Auto and insert card page Ready light blinks yellow.

Chapter 11 Ezsyshare Customer Support If you have questions concerning the operation of the software or camera, you may speak with a customer support representative.

The only difference is that the earlier camera dock has one indicator light.

Kodak EasyShare DX zoom digital camera — User’s Guide

Page storage capacity, 93 taking, 15 transferring to computer, 59, 67 power camera dock, 63 optional AC adapter, 95 turning camera on, 7 power-down, auto, 95 printing changing default quantity, 50 from a card, 60 optimizing printer, 85 pictures, 60 this user guide, 1 product overview, ii protecting pictures, videos, 40 quality The camera dock is also mqnual rapid battery charger for the included Kodak EasyShare Ni-MH rechargeable battery, and supplies power to the camera.


The battery needs to be conditioned.

Automatically sets exposure and focus. When the card is partially ejected, pull it out. The Orientation Sensor is turned on as the default.

Purchase accessories at a dealer of Kodak products. You must be connected to your Internet service provider to register electronically. Page 48 Self Timer light Chapter 3 Take the video: Turn off the camera. Page 82 turning camera on and off, 7 Index universal dock insert, 62 upgrading software, firmware, 92 URLs, Kodak web sites, 85 video mode, using, 33 video out, setting, 52 videos checking location, 12 copying, 43 date display, The lens is dirty.

Shutter speed is fast. Printing Pictures From Kofak Computer Take the card to your local photo retailer for professional printing. Lighting condition is too dark.

Extending Battery Life — Reviewing your pictures on the camera screen see — Using Liveview see — Using Quickview see — Excessive use of the flash Purchase an optional Kodak 3-volt AC adapter to power your camera see page Auto Focus framing marks appear only when the camera screen is turned on. AA batteries, installing, 5 about camera information, 54 picture, video, 44 AC adapter, 95 accessories battery, 14 accessories, buying, 85 adjusting exposure compensation, 27 picture quality, 29 alkaline batteries, 5 arrow buttons, ii audio speaker, iv auto flash, 24 focus framing marks, 22 mode, 15 power-down, 95 batteries Ready light Default flash setting: To restore addresses, see Kodak EasyShare software Help.

The subject is too far away for the flash to have an effect.


Connecting the Camera Dock After the Kodak EasyShare software is loaded see camera dock to your computer and to an external power source. Automatically sets exposure and focus. A longer exposure captures more detail of background subjects. Eight minutes after the transfer is complete, the camera dock resumes charging as necessary. Light is off Camera is not properly seated in camera dock. Chapter 10 Solution Wipe the battery contacts with a clean, dry cloth before loading Page 10 7 Installing the Software Press the Menu button.

Installing the Camera Insert Kodak EasyShare digital cameras are koak with a custom camera insert, which is used to fit the camera to the camera dock. In Review mode, Lens cap is on, pictures are preventing lens displayed as black from extending. Install Kodak EasyShare software The battery is not charged when you receive it.

Kodak DX4530 User Manual

Page 86 Problem Cause Picture is not clear. Page system requirements, 56 magnify picture, 39 maintenance, camera, 92 memory storage location setting, 11 memory card inserting, 10 storage capacities, 93 menu button, 11 menus image storage, setting, 11 overview, 6 MISC folder, card, 94 mode dial, 6 modes auto, 15 easyshre, 19 landscape, 18 night, Use the lens cap to protect the lens when camera is not in use.

Long Time Exposure cannot be used with Exposure Compensation. To check the location, either: Future hardware and operating systems may or may not support this Kodak product. Upgrading Your Software and Firmware Download mankal latest versions of the software included on the Kodak EasyShare software CD and the camera firmware the software that runs on the camera.