Safe Area Gorazde is Sacco’s magnum opus and with it he is poised too become “Joe Sacco is a unique figure in modern comics: there is no one else who. Safe Area Goražde has ratings and reviews. Joe Sacco spent five months in war ravaged Bosnia during and put together his experiences for a. In , comics artist and journalist Sacco (Palestine) rode in a supply convoy into the U.N.-designated safe area of Gorazde, a small Bosnian Muslim town.

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Namun di satu sisi saya berharap jangan sampai kisah di Gorazde, kisah di Srebrenica, di Mostar, Sarajevo, terulang lagi. Tidak jarang beberapa di antaranya masih meregang nyawa dan merintih penuh rasa sakit.

Still, I feel like I only understand a tiny bit. The war in Bosnia has become a kind of “forgotten war”, a genocide that has slipped from the public consciousness.

After much effort, he finally makes it on to a Red Cross convoy out of the area. At the age of one, he moved with his family to Australia, where he spent his childhood untilwhen they moved to Los Angeles. The complexity of the book itself is further compounded by how terribly complex the situation of the Bosnian War itself was. The understaffed, ill-equipped hospital, over run with grotesque injuries, with little more than brandy to dull the pain.

It does make it hard to grasp the time frame or remember whereabouts you are, but it also helps break up the stories of atrocities with seeing how people are surviving in the “present”.

Penjual daging yang mereka kenal menggorok leher tetangga mereka. Inhe left the U. Sometimes, we tend to forget that there is a whole world out there in front of us, and I think that conflicts like these serve to show how much more we should become aware of places we don’t usually think about when looking at a map. Nov 11, Jeff rated it really liked it. The former is a major part of Palestinein which his feelings of guilt over sade as a journalist is described with both humour insight.


In this case it was sacoc book.

Safe Area Gorazde

Books by Joe Sacco. They were despised by the Bosniak refugees, who saef everything they had at the hands of Serbs; they were equally hated by the Serb militias, who took them for traitors and threatened to kill them.

The girls long for makeup and Levis. Perang Bosnia adalah sebua Kejayaan Nazi memang sudah lama berlalu, namun filosofi fasis-nya masih terus diusung pada setiap perang dimanapun setelahnya. The plight of the denizens of Gorazde really got to me; I zrea myself walking home from work turning the story over in my mind. Devasting is the first word that comes to mind.

While I didn’t expect this to be light hearted or breezy, I certainly wasn’t prepared for the depth of horror I felt. This book was deep, painful, complex, and yes, even funny. View all 4 comments. Sacco also gives us some helpful and concise background on the history of the region and the background of the war.

Edin and his friend Riki go to Sarajevo to resume their studies. There’s something about it that just really gets under your skin. Because Sacco is so meticulous about details – he always gets the shape of the boots spot on, and the splat pattern of a mortar hit or the viscosity of blood pools – I accepted at once the reality in his imaginings of butchery on the bridge at Visegrad or death by exposure along the midwinter track up to the victualling point at Grebak. Di sini seorang bapak harus bersembunyi dari seorang tentara yang dulu sering mengerjakan PR bersama anak bungsunya.

He’s a character in his own novel, so we get the contrasting Western perspective, but having the visuals brings home to the reader so much more so than words ever could not just what it was like, but how non-alien the Bosnian people are – these aren’t people we can look at and not find familiar, like the Afghans you know we do this, even if not consciously. His sketch of the houses with bear paw marks from the Howitzer shells and mass slaughters like Srebrenica brings alive the frustration in the people and intensity of.

Entries Feed and Comments Feed. This is a book I would probably have never known about if it hadn’t been for a little workshop I attended during my teaching degree. Saya seakan tak mau berpisah saat sampai pada lembar terakhir. No one was spared.


Thompson wrote their books, or the way Werner Herzog films his documentaries: Teman bermain bola membakar rumah mereka. Journalism becomes something exciting, probably like it hasn’t been since the golden days of Magnum.

But that’s where Sacco comes in. And people begin to die, horrifically and needlessly. Stood on the bridge where Archduke Franz Ferdinand was assassinated. Clinton also does not get off without his share of righteous criticism.

In the course of three days, he estimated he saw people murdered on that bridge. All night, he could hear the continuous splash of bodies hitting water.

Review: Safe Area Gorazde by Joe Sacco | Books | The Guardian

He offers up a history of the war through interviews with survivors, many living in bombed out shells that used to be homes and office buildings. Through his reporting and interviews in Gorazde one of the designated “safe areas” by the UN, whose power is largely portrayed as a joke throughout the bookall of the war’s nuances begin to emerge. Not just one of the best things I’ve ever seen about the Yugoslav Wars of Succession, but one of the best arguments for non-fiction comics.

The Serb population left as the Serbian army began annexing great chunks of Bosnia, and the Muslims who remained in this and other small towns in the area barely survived three years of bloody war. After that I read a smattering of books. By doing this, he shows the true horrors of the Bosnian War and the genocide committed against the Muslims- and provides a pretty good case that the official numbers of dead are lower than they should be.

It’s hard to keep all the different groups straight in my head, though I think re-reading it would help.