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The basic appearances of various signs are indicated in speculum 4. It also means the trunk of a tree wherefrom its branches begin. Otherwise childhood will be marked by difficulties. To fulfill one’s desires through destiny, some livelihood is essential; for mere destiny cannot grant fruition of desires.

Varaha Mihira, however, refers to the three branches of astrology as Hora Sastra, viz. Vasantaraja compiled a copious work on omens, known as Vasantaraja Sakunam. Rxtnam details will be of help in deciding the colour of the robes and the wick in oil lamp in delivery chambers. Kinsfolk and happiness are governed by the 4th house. The colours for the six signs virgo to Pisces expressed in Saravali are against the views of Varaha Mihira, vide previous verse. Ratnaj cripples it and makes it adverse.

Kaama, another Purushartha, is excluded from the benefits that can be granted by astrology.

The suggestions made in this verse can be extended to describe physical complexion of the native. One is Sthira resting on the good bora bad deeds of our past birth which are indicated by placements of planets at the time of birth which include the various yogas etc: Here is a variation of lord of Hora and Drekkana as per Yavanacharya.


Hora Ratnam (Set of 2 Volumes)

Bala Bhadra offers his obeisance to his father Damopara, and the Universal teacher Lord Rama, and commences writing the present work ‘Hora Ratnam’ for the pleasure of the learned. In even signs, the rulers are the Moon and the Sun. Sage Badarayana states that a sign which is aspected by Jupiter or its own lord or Mercury gains strength provided it is unrelated to other planets.

Every bit of space in the zodiac has its, own nature and one cannot take destiny for granted. Biped and other Divisions as per Varaha Mihira: However, the combination shows ratnamm superiority of two or more planets in their respective deep exaltation degrees while the Moon is with strength.

Now stated are the “Plava” signs as per Kalyana Varma. In case of calculations related to life-span, the Moon in the ascendant is treated to be weak from the 13th day of dark fortnight through the 2nd, day of bright fortnight ratnm.

I hope the rest of the books are the same as well. If destiny is all-important, then astrology, Smriti etc. Drekkana, Navamsaand Bora are distributed in more than one way fatnam Jaimini astrology.

Hora Ratnam Two Vols

Red, white, green, pale, red or pinkgrey, yellowish white, variegated, black, tawny, a mix of white and brown; and colour of a mongoose are the colours stated for Aries etc. She is learned, soft in speech and has beautiful eyes. As the reader gains experience, he will understand further rulerships of signs like Aries ruling brain, and skull; Taurus eyes, tongue, and teeth, Gemini lungs and legs and so on and so forth.

Strong when in the 4th, i. Importance of a Bhava Lord: We do not know whether it is the same Sripati. According to Vriddha Yavana, when the moon is Full, the ascendant occupied by a benefic and all other planets than the Moon are in their degrees of deep exaltation, the person will be a ruler of three worlds earth, heaven and nadir. Our actions are expected to be virtuous and within the framework of the laws codified in these sacred texts.

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The lords of 1st, 5th and 9th from a given sign rule the three Drekkanas ‘thereof. The eighth sign Scorpio is akin to a scorpion living in a hole.

It was indeed nice doing business with you and I will definitely contact you if I need anymore books. Kings Nala, Sri Rama and yudhishtira would jora hav been troubled by grief if desired objects were available to them. Bala Bhadra adds one’s physique will possess the complexion akin to that of the strongest planet at birth.

An unparalleled work, ‘Varsha Ratnam’ dealing with Tajaka system was also produced by him. Things contrary to destiny’s scheme shall not occur.

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Laghu Jataka on Colours of Signs: The sixth sign is Virgo which is a virgin holding a lamp in her hand and sitting in a boat amidst water. The sign Cancer dwells in waters and Leo in mountains. All these are derivable from the branch of Hora, i.

Additional uses of planetary directions as propounded by Saravali are now mentioned.