: Hidden Nature: The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger ( ) by Alick Bartholomew and a great selection of. Hidden Nature. The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger. Alick Bartholomew; Foreword by David Bellamy. Alick Bartholomew; Foreword by. Hidden nature: the startling insights of Viktor Schauberger. Responsibility: Alick Bartholomew ; foreword by David Bellamy. Imprint: Edinburgh: Floris,

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Schauberger used this to great effect in his implosion machines, as we shall see later. Water — the Source of Life 8.

This turns out to be the mag- ical proportion favoured by Nature in her designs. He once described the harmonious interplay of the attraction and repulsion of polarized atoms as ‘the dance of creation. This book describes and explains Schauberger’s insights in contemporary, accessible language.

His controversial credo was that humanity must begin, with humility, to study Vikotr and learn from it, rather than try to correct it. Bibliography Includes bibliographical references p. Finally the snake reached the far bank.

Hidden Nature: The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger

Motion, Key to Balance 7. Other editions – View all Hidden Nature: We have experiences every day that fall outside the accepted conventions of reality; like little synchronicities, intuiting events, the sensing of different qualities of ‘atmosphere’ as emanations from people, situations or places, the power of thought over action, communication with a household pet.

To correct bioenergetic imbalances or blockages in the body, they developed acupuncture at that time, a treatment still widely used in China and now also in many Western countries by accredited practitioners and by some more open- minded physicians.


Centrifugal and centripetal movement. Within a couple of weeks they had adjusted the conspicuous rhythm of opening and closing their shells to the lunar tides that would have existed at Evanston had it been on a sea coast.

The material substance we see dchauberger the result of energy setting up a visible ‘blur’ by vibrating in and out of a physical state, with a frequency and density that makes it seem like a static whole. This book describes and explains Schauberger’s insights in contemporar Austrian naturalist Viktor Schauberger was far ahead of his time. Purpose can be ascribed to hidden systems.

Distilled from the sea and leaving most of its burden of salt behind, it droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven, taking up kinetic energy as it makes its way back to ordnance datum standard sea levelitself controlled by the balance of the global greenhouse.

Schauberger, by demonstrating that energy could arise spontaneously in his ‘perpetual motion’ machines, or that frictionless movement could be achieved, dis- proved this axiom.

Have Viktor’s warnings been schaubeger Callum Coats describes how on one occasion during the Nazi era, good fortune saved his life from being taken in a sinister way.

Other creatures, whose sensitivity is nourished by the subtle ener- gies of open forms, make use of schaubergrr and curves in their nests, burrows, and shells. It is truly amazing, read it with an open mind and be prepared to be blown away!

Hidden Nature: The Startling Insights of Viktor Schauberger – Alick Bartholomew – Google Books

The pride we hold for our Machiavellian machines that pour out incessant noise and heat is based on the mistaken belief that we represent the summit of evolution. The visionary What we have to take on board, as it were, is the extent to which the degraded energies of our present technologies are polluting the world, both from excess heat, but more particularly because they not only block or impede the natural productive and healing ener- gies, but actually encourage degeneration.


In order to arrest the downward spiral of our culture, we must take note of systems that encourage cre- ative change see Fig. Gravity and levity Gravity is recognized as a powerful physical force in the Cosmos.

Hidden Nature

Viktor studied the gills of the fish and found what he thought were guide vanes which would direct the water flow into a powerful backwards vortex cur- rent. In all the ancient cultures, the square symbolized the Earth of matter and rationalization, and the circle the encompassing world of spirit and feeling. The same could be said for anyone whose work brings them into a role influential with others.

What are these laws of Nature? Our current technology uses the wrong form of motion. I thought that there was too little water and too sharp a drop. Energy Production The inefficiency of modern technology Why are the accepted methods of producing energy so inefficient?

There are thus female fructigens and male dynagens, for example.

Schauberger did not blame the political hierarchy for the world’s woes, as we often do today.