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At the same time, it becomes a demand for the memory of those who suffer the consequences of an unbalanced social and political system, since deaths and disappearances only serve to make visible the vulnerability of certain populations in regard to others.

But that is not the case in Mexico, at least for now. Sometimes, we also use a cookie to keep track of your trolley contents.

Books by Georges Balandier

The Theory of Chaos was founded in the sixties, with the work of Edward Lorenz. On his arrest by the authorities inhe confessed to having dissolved about bodies in over eight years of working in Tijuana. He notes that only ritual symbolic work can turn something negative potential into something positive actual.

The anomalous body, the one that is out of place, the violated body referred to by Carozzithe body of the missing, empty, in suspense, triggers the urgent sesorden to respect the bereaved Carozzi, In the myth, the forces of order and disorder are combined, in a game that tries to approach reality, describing it through signs, images and reflections of its perception of the world.

The term began to be galandier used in the 90s. As a space outside social structure, the communitas is characterized by being a spontaneous, self-generated construction. The time that has elapsed between events and the present make it increasingly difficult to conduct investigation and finding the missing alive. The images of terror balandoer death in Tijuana make the relationship with the absent body controversial, meaning that georgds relatives of missing persons accept death as a possibility for their loved ones.

The following section presents an event that demonstrates the geroges assumptions put balqndier above. These are unforeseen circumstances that are usually achieved as a result of citizens’ complaints rather than a process of investigation. Thus the dead person are given a new life without geogges them, through the ritual and physical space in which they are performed.


This process allows us to see how beliefs about death and the threat of oblivion have been consolidated as a trigger for action by relatives in Tijuana. Thus, the mourning surrounding their disappearance, like death, demands family and social rituals to resolve the liminal state of the gap created by absence.

Since liminality is the “realm of pure possibility” Turner,the search for bodies is presented as a suitable field for the construction of narratives and meanings to fill that void.

Although there were substantial differences between the cases, they were neutralized in the effort to build a common narrative that identifies the drama as a shared situation. As I said at the scene, God rest his soul” Deworden, In liminality, the missing person is an individual devoid of social insignias and properties, who is in a state of transition to something else.

This article explores this experience using the theory of Turnerwho invites us to think of liminality as a space of possibility and pure creation. For example, at loot.

Georges Balandier

What do they want? This could explain why in some historical situations, such as those described by the author, the demand that the missing be found alive, as the case of the Madres de la Plaza de Mayo dl Argentina, is assumed as a collective political decision.

In time, it will be necessary to begin to identify the features of this category, which can already be perceived through a substantial change in terms of its historical precedents.

According to Susan Sontagtragedy as a spectacle is installed in these spaces, where images take on a political dimension as bearers of particular meanings that vary according to the interests of those who use them, but also of time and space. Since then, the image was established as ablandier narrative of the identity of the missing, embodied in this “earth mole.

Balandier Georges – El Desorden La Teori | Carlos Andrés Legarreta Muñoz –

Although there may be random processes and complex, completely unpredictable changes beyond our control, control of chaos is within our control Singh and Singh, This intersubjective condition of the individual expressed in mourning also indicates that the body has an invariably public dimension: From a world defined by harmony to a world in motion freed from constant turbulence. In this context, the veorges for human remains responds to the need to put an end to the liminal status of the missing, but also to the collective construction of beliefs and narratives that place the absent body within a specific scenario of violence which seeks to lend it meaning.


The desorxen of a missing person in Tijuana is given meaning through the media discourse which generates its own narrative about the current state of things: Stigma, lack of clarity, unrecorded crime rates, are the general features of this incipient category. The ambiguous situation of disappearance and dl loneliness of the bereaved is compounded by the iconic and symbolic force of the violence associated with the War on Drugs, which focuses on the body and whose bloodthirsty nature creates a framework of terror around the imaginaries of death and disappearance.

In both cases you should know how to switch cookies back on! In Tijuana, disappearance associated with organized balandiier and drug trafficking has achieved a public presence through the media since the early s, when most of the cases involved illegal arrests by the police authorities in their attempt to obtain information from key witnesses Robledo, We live with grorges illusion of order, believing that foresight and planning are possible.

That is why the cemetery is so important as a space for the continuity of the relationship with those who are no longer here: Liminality is located in the cracks of social structure: After the death of the son of writer and government opponent Javier Sicilia and the discovery of graves in Tamaulipas and Durango El Universal, the violated bodies made sense in terms of political demand.

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