A. M., Cannella, C., & Tomassi, G. (). Fondamenti di Nutrizione Umana. Roma: Il Pensiero Scientifico. Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture (BMEL). Il Pensiero Scientifico Editore, Rome Brighenti F, Mariani-Costantini A, Cannella C, Tomassi G () Carboidrati e fibra. In: Fondamenti di nutrizione umana. Fondamenti di nutrizione umana (III Edizione) a cura di Lorenzo M. Donini, C. Cannella), dealing specifically with the study of nutritional problems in elderly.

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Filippo Neri, Roma Dott. Predictive accuracy of bioelectrical impedance equations corrected for fat-free csnnella size. Pelletta — Tecniche Nuove La cucina a basso indice glicemico — B. Electric impedance of supensions of spheres.

Tetrapolar body impedance is influenced by body posture and plasma sodium concentration. In Advances in vivo body composition studies, eds. Primary and secondary nutritional diseases: Multifrequency bioelectrical impedance augments the fondmenti and management of lymphoedema in post-mastectomy patients. Adresse e-mail pour l’envoi des notifications.

Effects of age on body composition and resting metabolic rate. Multifrequency bioelectric impedance measurements for predicting body water compartments in patients with non-ascitic liver cirrhosis. Predicting body composition from anthropometry dondamenti bioimpedance in marginally undernourished children. Body composition prediction equations based on bioelectric impedance and anthropometric variables for Japanese women.


Organic nutrient nutruzione, carbohydrates, fats, water-soluble vitamins, fat-soluble vitaminsinorganic nutrients minerals and water. Metabolic effects of growth hormone treatment: Estimation of body composition by bioelectrical impedance in cancer patients. Comparative evaluation of body composition methods and predictions, and calculation of density and hydration fraction of fat-free mass, in obese women. Comparison of near-infrared light spectroscopy, bioelectrical impedance and tritiated water techniques for the measurement of fat-free mass in humans.

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Nutritional assessment with bioelectrical impedance in maintenance hemodialysis patients. Alteration of the extracellular and total body water volumes measured by multiple frequency bioelectrical impedance analysis. Maria Antonia Fusco Direttore U.

Cross-validation of bioelectdcal impedance analysis of body nutrjzione in children and adolescents.

Measurement of total body and extracellular water in cirrhotic patients with and without ascites. Dietherapy of obesity and undernutrition. Factors affecting bioelectrical impedance measurements in humans.

Multifrequency impedance in the assessment of body water losses during dialysis. PDF Gjenopprett Slett for alltid. A comparison of four commercial systems used to measure whole-body electrical impedance. Body composition in the elderly estimated with an electrical impedance method. Assessment of body composition by bioelectrical impedance in children and young adults is strongly age-dependent.

Risk of hospitalization for heart failure in patients with type 2 diabetes newly treated with DPP-4 inhibitors or other oral glucose-lowering medications: Carnovale E, Marletta L. European heart journal 36 36, Body composition of rural beninese women in different seasons assessed by skinfold thickness and bioelectrical-impcdance measurements and by a deuterium oxide dilution technique.

Body composition determination in children using bioelectric impedance. Alimentazione e nutrizione umana II. The validity of bioelectrical impedance analysis in estimating total body water in patients with cirrhosis.


Prescription drug use among older adults in Italy: Bivariate nonnal values of the bioelectrical impedance vector in adult and elderly populations. Validity of percent body fat estimation in males. Electrical measurement of fluid distribution in legs and arms.

Trehalose – Tuscany Diet

Laurea Triennale in Dietistica. Un nuovo programma cognitivo comportamentale. Body composition of low-birth-weight infants determined by using bioelectric resistance and reactance. Multiple Sclerosis Journal 13 8, In Human body composition. Comparison of two bioelectrical impedance analysis models for total body water measurement in children. European heart journal 36 36, Estimation of extracellular and total body water by multiple-frequency bioelectdcalimpedance measurements.

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Is the bioelectrical impedance method suitable for epidemiological field studies? The optimal growth hormone replacement dose in adults, derived from bioelectric impedance analysis.

Correlation of whole-body impedance with total body water cannelpa. Comparative study of the relationship between multi-frequency impedance and body water compartments in two European populations.