The EC help provides an easy access to the information related to the use of Keysight EC Network Analyzer. Pressing Help key on the front panel. EB/EB, please see the Programming Manual. • Installation and Quick Start Guide (Part Number: Ex1, attached to optional ABA). This manual . The EC complies with INSTALLATION CATEGORY II as well as The Service Manual is a guide to servicing the EC ENA Series Network Analyzer .

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Test and Measurement Call Center tel 1 fax 1 Canada: Push the enter to select Yes manuak start the recovery of the factory backup. It is recommended to save the file to a directory which has enough space like the E drive.

Dangerous Procedure Warnings – Warnings, such as the example below, precede potentially dangerous procedures throughout this manual. Repeat the above procedure for port y.

Click Open to start the calibration measurement. Select the destination folder and input a file name, then click Next button. Operation of any electrical instrument in such an environment clearly constitutes a safety hazard. The HDD revision can be checked using the following procedure: Click OK to proceed. A message box appears after the completion of recovery process.


Agilent EC使用说明书_百度文库

Select the C drive and D drive. Component replacement and internal adjustments must be made by qualified maintenance personnel. The recovery takes a few minutes depending on the amount of data. Click Port x Open to start the calibration measurement x denotes the test port to which the standard is connected. Click Cal Kit, then select the calibration kit. The System Properties dialog box appears. In EC, right click My Computer. Factory recovery Returns the contents of the C drive to the factory state.

CN or e50711c Step 1. Press any key to continue. Test and Measurement Call Center tel 1 fax 1 China: When the recovery is finished, EC restarts. To avoid injuries, always disconnect the power and discharge circuits before touching them.

For more information, see Modifying Calibration Kit Definition. If you press F11 twice or more and a screen which is not mentioned in this manual appears, reboot the instrument and restart the process from the first. Click Port x Short to start the calibration measurement x denotes the test port to which the standard is connected. E0571c need to execute initial registration again.

Atec Agilent-E5071C User Manual

Open the screw manuaal clockwise direction. Recovery function is performed. Click Port x-y Thru to start the calibration measurement x and y denote the test ports between which the THRU connection is being made. Out-position of push-button switch. Click Port x-y Isol to start the calibration measurement x and y denote the port numbers to which the LOAD standard is connected. A message dialog box appears after the completion of the Recovery Image Setup procedure. Use extreme caution when handling, testing, and adjusting this instrument.


A dialog box appears to allow you to select a program to be loaded.

In the next dialog box, input agena in the Name box. NOTE You need a keyboard for this operation. Safety Symbols Instruction Manual e571c After restart, the screen for initial registration appears.

Technical Support

Select the saved backup image file, then click Next button. You cannot use the front panel keys during the initial registration of the EC therefore connect the mouse and the keyboard before turning on the power. CN or w5071c This section describes how to create the user backup image.

The Confirm Device Removal message box appears. Types of system recoveries The following 2 types of system recoveries are available. Keep Away from Live Circuits – Operators must not remove instrument covers.