Check out my latest presentation built on , where anyone can create & share professional presentations, websites and photo albums in minutes. Plan de gestión integral de residuos hospitalarios y similares – PGIRH componente Decreto de Diciembre de Por el cual se reglamenta la gestión. Title: Residuos hospitalarios, Author: bacteriologia Lab clinico, Name: Residuos hospitalarios, Length: 92 pages, Page: 14, Published: Gestion integral de Residuos hospitalarios y similares en colombia Cover of “DECRETO “.

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Rights of union organizers are not widely known, or are ineffective in protecting organizers. Juez ordena arresto de Daniel Coronell Fecha: Although these orders were appealed and thus effective detentions did not take place, in both cases associations for the freedom of the press and the journalists themselves considered these judicial decisions exaggerated and harmful for journalistic work. LEY DE In July some journalists reported they received threats from the FARC as they were reporting about marches for peace and against kidnapping.

Exceptions can be made for national security reasons or individual privacy, but they should be limited in scope. As of Junethe terms had not been clearly defined. If it is reasonable that a person was killed in relation to his or her work on corruption issues, then the indicator is scored as a NO.

GESTIÓN DE RESIDUOS HOSPITALARIOS by Carlos Andres Ramirez Pacheco on Prezi

Also inconcerned about transparency, 34 nongovernmental organizations with diverse objectives, many of them related with the promotion of transparency and good governance, signed a pact commiting to disclose their sources of funding and promote transparency and accountability in their own interventions beyond a purely financial or economic perspective. The decision is not only extremely delayed but also of little effect, considering the congressional period is about to finish.

Some barriers to formation are present, such as burdensome registration requirements that may not be fairly applied.


The government of Alvaro Uribe hoospitalarios not issued any public response about the actions of the DAS, and continues attacking publicly organizations such as Human Rights Watch, Amnesty International and the Committee of Victims of Violence, sometimes accusing them of being guerrilla supporters. During this period there has been also a heated debate about the possibility that President Alvaro Uribe can run for reelection in For opponents, some government decisions may be inappropriate in this context.

According to law, voting is a fundamental right open to all citizens 18 years or older art. However, it is clear that in many municipalities the vote is not totally free. Legitimate exceptions are allowed for sensitive national security-related information.

No decdeto los asesinatos en Colombia Fuente: These instances of participation give a considerable margin for CSOs to participate in discussions about policy making, but many times their opinions are not reflected in the final decisions.

This report generated a struggle between RCN and the government which led the group to rectify the information.

Gestión integral RH Decreto / by Camila Andrea Díaz Barrera on Prezi

The Law of establishes that a right of petition can be used to request a overnment service for a particular or for public benefit, to request government records or to request a public institution an opinion or concept related to its functions and responsibilities.

Journalists and residios take a personal risk to report on corruption, and media outlets who commonly report on corruption face long-term consequences or 2766 reprisals. The law also states that the government through the Ministry of Communications should encourage practices of self regulation.

Thus, the opposition does have representation, and it is very active, but it is limited in its capacity in terms of passing legislation. The mechanism used hosspitalarios information requests right of petition can be easily used by citizens without any cost, however obtaining information in practice may create costs especially for information on local governments or politically sensitive information.


Programas de Gestión del Riesgo

The Constitution guarantees the right to express and diffuse information and to report truthful and impartial information without censorhip.

A YES score is earned if there is, in law or in accompanying regulations, a formal process to appeal a denied print media license, including through the courts. In practice, where necessary, citizens can obtain a broadcast radio and TV media license within a reasonable time period. DuringDMG, an investment group, was the center of a huge judicial process related to money laundering, fraud and illegal capturing reslduos funds.

In MarchRosalba Gaviria human rights defender in Quindio was detained. Individuals appointed are free of conflicts of interest due to personal loyalties, family connections or other biases.

Although the restriction is normal given the rates of impunity in the country, it may take years to access information on certain judicial processes.

Authorities should inform journalists about penal accusations to public authorities even if they are still ongoing and under reserve. Asesinan a dirigente campesina que luchaba por recuperar tierras robadas por paramilitares Fuente: The majority of complaints are against national level authorities complaintsmunicipal level complaintsarmed forces 83departmental regional authorities complaints and national police 73 complaints.

Most CTAs employ workers for sugar cane enterprises and as packers in supermarkets. There is no specific requirement for print media to disclose their ownership, and as there is no licensing requirement like in broadcast media, there is no mechanism to publicize print media ownership. According to the Constitution, the Electoral Organization is an independent branch of the government, although its election by Congress makes it politically dependent of parties and Congress.

The government argued that protests were instigated by FARC guerrillas.