Download Cs System Software Question Bank With Answers. Mpsc question answer FREE. QUESTION PAPER QUESTION. System software questions and answers pdf. Please find the two mark questions with answers below for system software – CS subject. Question Bank: 1. Computer Networks (CN) (CS) (CS52) ( CS) Question bank 1 (2 marks with answers) – View / Download Question Bank 2 (2.

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Write the two passes of a linking loader. Near jump A near jump is a jump to a target in the same segment and it is assembled by using a current code segment CS. The starting address is obtained from the operating system.

What do macro expansion statements mean? The selection of what is to be viewed and manipulated in given by filtering. The linking loader performs the process of linking and relocation. If the subroutine is loaded and linked to the questikn during its first call run time ,then it is called as dynamic loading or dynamic linking.

CS2304 System Software Question bank – 16 Marks Questions | Anna university CSE 5th Semester

Traveling is achieved using operations such as next screenful, bottom, find pattern. Anna University – B. This software makes it possible for the user to focus on the other problems to be solved with out needing to know how the machine works internally. Linkin The re Time g loader editor the pro location and linking is performed each It produces a ssoftware version of a program and Here t h gram is loaded whichis written in a file for later execution e loading can be accomplished in a single Two passes are required Define absolute loader The loader, which is used only for loading, is known as absolute loader.


First the word in memory location is fetched and which will give the address of the operand. If the macro is expanded depends upon some conditions in macro definition depending on the arguments supplied in the macro expansion then it is called as conditional macro expansion.

How to request Study Material? Loading — brings abswers object program into memory for execution Relocation — modifies the object program so that it can be loaded at an address different from the location originally specified Linking — combines two or more separate object programs and also supplies the information needed to reference them.

Following is a memory configuration: Anna University witn B. If any error, it should warn the programmer by instructions to proceed from phase to phase.

SUB 4 direct to R direct Here one operand is in the address location 4 direct addressing and the next operand is in the register register direct. A-accumulator Used for arithmetic operation. Environmental science and engineering Questions B What are the important factors considered while designing a general purpose macroprocessors?

Voice recognizers are currently available for command input on some systems. The macro processors that are not dependent on any particular programming language,but can be used with a variety of different languages are known as softtware purpose macro processors.


Bannk are the basic functions of loaders. Register direct, register deferred, auto increment and decrement, program counter relative, base relative, index register mode and indirect addressing are the various addressing modes in VAX architecture. In the case c2s304 register to register instructions the operand field contains the register name. To design the structure of macro-assembler, the functions of macro preprocessor and the conventional assembler are merged.

What is the function performed in editing phase? User interface is generally designed in a computer to make it easier to use. Identifiers, keywords, constants, operators and punctuation symbols such as commas and parentheses are typical tokens.

The data divided among processing element is called shared data. Questoon symbol table includes the name and value for each symbol in the source program,together with flags to indicate error conditions.

CS System Software Question Bank With Answers – RANJANI Edition

These are the statements that are not translated into machine instructions,but they provide instructions to assembler itself. The phase specifies the region of interest. It consists of variety of programs that supports the operation of the computer.