Die Syro-Aramäische Lesart des Koran [Christoph Luxenberg] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In German. Understandably the author’s name ‘Christoph Luxenberg’ is a nom de plume of a professor in Semitic languages at a German university, according to articles in. Simon Hopkins, Review Of “Christoph Luxenberg”, Die Syro-aramaiche Lesart Des Koran [i.e., “The Syro-Aramaic Reading Of The Qur’an..].

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Christoph Luxenberg

In the various regions of this empire korsn ways of reciting the texts developed as well as variant texts. It was not without Schadenfreude that the press published the story: This story is also known among Jews and Christians, althought the victim in their version is Isaac, the father of all Israelites. Had it been borrowed from Syriac the last ‘m’ would be missing. The oldest known copy of the Qur’an so far joran to this collection: It is used in the whole Islamic world, except in North Africa.

His work, based on the earliest copies of the Koran, maintains that parts of Islam’s holy luxenbedg are derived from pre-existing Christian Aramaic texts that were misinterpreted by later Islamic scholars who prepared the editions of the Koran commonly read today. The last of which clearly indicate the influence of Christian Syriac texts. The end of the book features the reinterpretation of two entire suras, one of which sura is traced back to 1 Peter 5: It is thus rather probable that, dee order to proclaim the Christian message to the Arabic peoples, they would have used among others the language of the Bedouins, or Arabic.

My work could be judged as blasphemous only by those who decide to cling to errors in the interpretation of the word of God.

The Syro-Aramaic Reading of the Koran – Wikipedia

At the battle of Yamama, under the first caliph Abu Bakr ADso many victims fell among the ones that knew the Qur’an by heart that Abu Bakr ordered Muhammad’s secretary, Zaid ibn Thabit, to codify a complete Qur’an. More must be offered to convince anybody as to the mechanisms by which such a strong cultural and linguistic contact could have occurred. But in an era in which Arabic was just an assembly of dialects and had no written form, the missionaries had no choice but to resort to their own literary language and their own culture; that is, to Syro-Aramaic.


It is a blessed place; a source of guidance for all people. Luxenberg doesn’t deny that hur can mean ‘white’ and ‘in ‘eye’, but he proposes, through Syriac, a different reading of bi hur ‘in as a consequence of the changed context: The nascent islamic empire rapidly expanded during the reign of the third caliph, Uthman AD. In Italian, English, and Spanish.

However, this needs to be done with a strictly scientific approach. Magazin Forschung 1, A notable trait of early written Arabic was that it lacked vowel signs and diacritics which would later distinguish e. Luxenberg tries to show that many obscurities of the Koran disappear if we read certain words as being Syriac and not Arabic. A plausible explanation indicated by Tabari himself, but overlooked by western translators; A plausible explanation unknown to Tabari in the Lisanthe most extensive Arabic dictionary there were no dictionaries yet in Tabari’s time ; An unchanged reading of the Arabic, looking into the possibilities for it actually being a Syriac word; A different placement of the diacritical dots meaning the use of different consonants that might result in another Arabic word; A different placement of the diacritical dots that might lead to another Syriac word; A literal translation of the Arabic into Syriac in order to see whether a Syriac expression or phrase has been literaly translated into Arabic.

The famous passage about the virgins is syro-aramiscne on the word hur, which is an adjective in the feminine plural meaning simply “white. V, Issue 1, pp. The story starts with School of History, Archaeology and Religion. Contrary to the earlier assumption of a dialect of Arabic spoken in Mecca, the present study has shown that, insofar as the Arabic tradition has identified the language of the Koran with that of the Qurayshthe inhabitants of Mecca, this language must instead have been an Aramaic-Arabic hybrid language.

So only the virgins or grapes figured in them. Inthe Pakistani government banned a issue of Newsweek ‘ s chritsoph edition discussing Luxenberg’s thesis on grounds that it was offensive to Islam. Just 7 signs in this alphabet, called rasmare unequivocal. Graf von Bothmer H. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Only thus can he identify the original meaning of Arabic expressions whose semantic interpretation can be established definitively only by retranslating them into Syro-Aramaic.


Now we are confronted with only positive results. Then follow examples of Syriac loanwords in the Qur’an.

Review of Ch. Luxenberg, ‘Die Syro-Aramäische Lesart des Qur’an’

The philological tugging and squeezing that Luxenberg applies, doesn’t plead in favour of that, on the contrary, the three explanations are partly mutually exclusive. Then how did the Koran come to be written? In one passage the translator encounters a few stumbling blocks. For this too he manages to find expressions in both languages, like ‘the “eye” of a man’ meaning ‘his appearance’ and ‘the “eye” of something’ in the sense of ‘its preciousness’.

The book would be much easier to follow if some examples had been clarified along the lines of this method. A good working knowledge of German, Arabic and Syriac is indispensable to be able to assess the book. Sometimes he rereads entire phrases and comes up with a reading that is more closely related to what non-Muslims often consider ‘the sources of the Qur’an’.

Mujahid, Ibn Abbas and Ibn Masud. Angelika Neuwirth, Brill Which alternatives did Tabari give? Persecuted Christians sought refuge in a cave and fell asleep. Een recensie van Ch. In the al-Azhar university in Egypt issued a standard text that is now used worldwide.

We cannot go into the technical details of his methodology but it allows Luxenberg, to the probable horror of all Muslim males dreaming of sexual bliss in the Muslim hereafter, to conjure away the wide-eyed houris promised to the faithful in suras XLIV. Given his arguments that seems a far reaching conclusion, too far even.

The Peaceful Revolution of the Ismaili Shiites 3. The ‘eye’ in his view is a metaphor to describe ‘the appearance’ of something.