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USA, and will patdika by all rules and by-laws of the Samaj. Chh Gam Patel-Patidar Samaj. Proudly powered by HSquareTechnology. We are non profit website, Please help keep 14Gaam online info. In ancient time it was defined by English ruler that bride and bridegrom should get merry above villages. I saw number of comments, good and bad. Together with above, now, Bhadran is flourishing with the influx of all different communities with new Patels from different places.

tam Third and fourth numbers named Harkhjibhai and Manjibhai, in another patriika called Nani Khadki. Become a Member Become a Member and retain the rich heritage of Patidar.

Nadiad is the birth place of great political leader Sardar Vallabhbhai Patel Who made India complete. Over the past decade or so, these scenario’s have changed as parents are no longer chg sole importance on the Gor, advising their son or daughter to place equal importance on education, well cultured individuals as well as taking a look at their gor or village. They defeated Devas with a power graced by Mahadevji. So let’s take this into the future and continue it for generations to come.


First, I like to tell you little bit about my background so you know me well.

Chh Gam Matrimony. Chh Gam Brides. –

Garasia and Patidar communities were the main population. We never use your email for spam. Charotar Patel Samaj 31 December views. Like [ 1 ]. gamm

The Patidars of the seven Khadkies were their descendents. Dharmaj Patidar Samaj 31 December views. Over the period in hunger of success and existence, we have settled our families, opened our businesses, and we practice our professions all across the world.

History of patri,a Patidars is the witness of how some of the Patidars becomes Desai.

Chh Gam Matrimony Brides.

Inwhen the immediate area was under cchh control of Raval rulers, Surabhai Patel left Chapaner and moved to Adalaj and again in with one of his two sons, Virabhai Patel, to Devataj. The Patel family has produced a number of individuals who have been influential in the Indian government.

Nar Patel-Patidar Samaj 31 December views. Majority of the people here were very cruel. And to patrik surprise one day he found that accidentally when any cow use to graze on the place where Dharmeshwar Mahadev stands today the Milk would run away from the cows aanchal on its own.

We have settled our families in pockets all over the world, opened our businesses, and we practice our professions embracing the world and its customs.

At that time there used to be a thick forest all around Dharmaj. The Samaj is also organizing social events for chha gaam patel-patidar samaj. The town is called Vaso, which is named after the Goddess, Vasundhara. Quality valuations and services meeting the needs of our community. Charotar is made up of many different gor’s samaj. The place in Nadiad it been called as Desaivago Where Desai’s live in. Balisana Patidar Samaj 31 December views. And this began to happen often on regular basis, patriika aroused the anxiety of Dharma Rabari so he started digging the place, and on excavating, to his surprise he found a Mahadev’s Parika.


Gradually yam generations, as new Patel’s used to live and settle with them.

Bhadrakali and Ambaji killed Bhdrasur and Aghasur respectively so Devas established temples of both Matajis. We are all proud of our roots as we have a rich history of our Chh Gham in common along with our culture unlike any other, we owe it to our children to understand who we are and be just as proud.

These groups of villages more commonly known in India as a Gor were formed for a very important reason. Others Named Chh Gam. The Samaj become a platform for youths to meet and create life-lasting bonds. Mere Brother Ki Dulhan.

Chh Gam Patel-Patidar Samaj

Like [ 2 ]. Welcome to the friendly, brotherly, mutually wonderful and highly cultured circle of 6 villages of Gujrat, which are in fact termed as one of the best villages in the state of Gujarat, India, not only wealth wise, but termed as highly cultured, religious and courageous and socially active and charitable too. Charotar Patel-Patidar Samaj 31 December views.