CASTI Guidebook ASME B Process Piping CASTI Publishing Inc. – Street Edmonton, Alberta T5H 3J7 Canada Tel:() Fax:(). CASTI Guidebook to Asme B has 1 rating and 0 reviews: CD-ROM. CASTI Guide to Asme B – Process Piping (The Practical Guide Book Series) By Glynn E. Woods, Roy B. Baguley.

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CASTI Guidebook to Asme B Process Piping by Glynn E. Woods

This book offers some insight into the basic technologies associated with design, materials, fabrication, testing, and examination of process piping systems. Each of these code sections was written by committees of individuals with various areas of expertise in design, fabrication, and construction of boilers and pressure vessels.

What extent of examination is required? Such t ri values are obtained by entering the stress-to-rupture curve for the particular material at a stress value equal to the calculated stress S i divided by 0. Construct the time fraction table Table 2. At this stage of design, it is generally not prudent to specify castii materials using restrictive specification and grade designations such as ASTM Standard A Type L.

CASTI Guidebook to Asme B31.3: Process Piping

The calculations in this manual use both system of units where applicable, the inch-pound and the metric. What disposition should be assigned to nonconforming items?

Guidance in determining safe piping stress levels and design life. Inspect piping to the extent necessary to be satisfied that it conforms to all applicable examination requirements of the Code and the engineering design. For materials selection purposes during these stages, the user must be aware of Code requirements, but is not looking for a precise solution for each piping system.


High pressure piping rules are not applicable to Category M Fluid Service.

CASTI Guidebook to ASME B – Process

It is the opinion of the Committee that until such time as an ASA Pressure Piping Code Section specifically applying to chemical process piping has been published, chemical process piping may be designed, cxsti, inspected, and as,e in accordance with the requirements of ASA B What Extent of Examination is Required?

Quality assurance, including quality audit. It too was dissolved and the rules developed for cryogenic piping were incorporated into the guidelines of B In fact, it is highly recommended that the appropriate current engineering codes and standards be reviewed in detail prior to any decision making.

For example, a 10D bend in a piece of NPS 6 pipe would have a bend radius of mm 60 inches based guisebook nominal pipe diameter i. Other code sections followed during the next eleven years: Qsme uninformed user could end up searching through the approximately 50 pages of information constituting B Inanother spectacular explosion occurred in which 27 boilers out of a battery of 36 burst in rapid succession at a coal mine near Shamokin, Pennsylvania, totally destroying the entire facility and killing 6 people.

These crude boilers were the beginning of pressure containment systems.

Items requiring examination depend upon fluid service. Nothing in this book cassti be construed as a defense against any alleged infringement of letters of patents, copyright, or trademark, or as defense against liability for such infringement.

Some organizations have implemented testing systems to assess the qualifications of inspectors and examiners. Nor should it be used as a replacement for current complete engineering codes and standards. The nominal pressure stress hoop stressshall guudebook exceed the yield strength of the material at temperature. Category D Fluid Service 3.


Plant reliability issues center on the effect of an unplanned shutdown. Impact caused by water hammer or the equivalent of steam hammer should be eliminated as much as possible with piping layout and valve selection particularly check valves. A few of the more spectacular explosions will be mentioned. Design Conditions Design Pressure and Temperature The design pressure shall be based on the highest pressure the piping system will experience. Clauses governing these activities are found mainly in B Two equations are presented – guidebpok is based on the specified outside yo equation 34aand one is based on the specified inside diameter equation 34b.

The primary reason for guifebook requirement is the increased risk of reheat cracking associated with these low alloy steels. In the normal operation of a refinery or chemical plant, there is a need, on occasion, for catalyst regeneration, steam-out or other short term conditions that may cause temperature-pressure variations above design.

Note that most QC manuals have sections devoted specifically to completion of examinations, such as material control, welding control, NDE control, pressure testing, and record keeping. These stress limits are based on the use-fraction sum rule, which states: Therefore a good deal of judgment is required in hiring owner inspectors.

Estimate the number of vibrating cycles expected in the life of the plant. What reliability do you want the plant to have?