HVX. Vacuum circuit-breaker up to 36 kV. Medium-Voltage Switching Devices. HVX. HV. HVX. 0. MEDIUM-VOLTAGE SWITCHING DEVICES. AREVA T&D. HVX Assembled Pole – Indoor MV Vacuum Circuit Breaker up to 24 kV. The HVX series circuit-breakers are vacuum circuit-breakers for application in 12 to 24 kV indoor switchgear units. Operating conditions. The circuit-breakers.

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When re-selling the circuit-breaker or the switchgear with circuit-breaker,make sure that this Technical Instruction is transmitted as well. Observe the position indicator on the switchgear panel. Remove the withdrawable unit from the switchgear cubicle for inspection see instructions for the panel concerned. This circuit diagram ASX shows the maximum switchgear equipment. Rated supply voltage Power consumption min. It must be stored so that it is at any time readily accessible for wreva can be used by persons who are to work on the switchgear.

These rules apply for the upper and lower circuit-breaker terminals alike. Ageva number of switching cycles can be used to draw conclusions about the service life or the operating cycles. Altitude correction factor ka acc. Couple the transport truck to the panel. As standards, specifications and designs change from time to time, please Schneider Electric Huadian Nvx Xiamen ask for confirmation of the information given in this publication. It may only be used in the scope of the specified standards and the switchgear-specific technical data.

Immediately after cleaning the material metallically bright, coat it with lubricant KL so that the space between the contact surfaces is completely filled once the screws have been fastened. Hvvx the manufacturer’s Service Center.

HVX 12-17.5-24(technical instruction)

Auxiliary opening release 2. Schneider Electric China has nearly 22, employees. Energy Transformations Energy cannot be created or destroyed.


Do not perform any work on the circuit-breaker which is not described in this Technical Instruction. Before performing work on the circuit-breaker, switch off the auxiliary voltage and prevent it from reclosing. Comply with the Tightening torques specified for crew fastening refer to Annex. Undervoltage release Undervoltage releases are supplied by the auxiliary source permanently.

As soon as the spiral spring is charged, the spring charging mechanism is decoupled and the position indicator signals “charged”: The safety provisions of chapter 1. If additional control lines are placed in the drive casing, leave a sufficient distance from the movable parts of the drive.

As the coil is designed for short-term excitation only, the exciter circuit is routed via an auxiliary switch contact controlled by the circuit-breaker shaft, thus – once released – interrupting the current circuit.

M6 7 9 M8 16 M10 M12 Table 1: Make sure the rope or strap is strong enough to bear the weight of the circuit- breaker and do not touch the circuit-breaker. Their position always corresponds to that of the main contacts.

Operation under conditions deviating from these is only admissible upon consultation and with the written approval of the manufacturer. Switch off the auxiliary voltage for the circuit-breaker drive and secure it against reclosing.

The following additional documentsmust be observed for this circuit breaker: Schneider Electric Energy Efficiency Management Platform With its deep understanding of the five markets, the careful care of corporate clients, as well as in the field of energy management experience, Schneider Electric from a good supplier of products and equipment have nvx to a total solution provider. Schneider Electric in China InSchneider Electric was vhx in the first joint venture plant in Tianjin Merlin Gerin, the circuit breaker technology to China, to replace the traditional fuse, making China the safety of users of electricity has greatly increased, and the establishment of standards for the circuit breaker has made outstanding Contribution.


Browse services Field Services Optimize the life cycle of your assets, improve performance, safety, and reduce maintenance costs — all with an experienced provider arva complete field services and a partner you can trust.

An experienced circuit for many applications. The circuit-breakers are equipped on general with an auxiliary switch with 8 contact elements.

Bolts and socket-head cap screws except slotted screws and nuts except selflocking nuts Table 2: In case of AC voltage, the coil is supplied via a rectifier installed in the switch housing. Circuit-breakers and drives must not be disassembled for service and maintenance work see Disclaimer of liability, section 1. Only approved Lubricants may be used section 9. On delivery, the circuit-breakers are fully assembled and adjusted. There is a risk of injury when working on the drive mechanism.

Move circuit-breaker from disconnected into service position by hand: Spring-charging mechanism of the drive using a crank Approx.

Its contents do not constitute an offer for sale or advice on the application of any product referred to in it. Optionally, an electronic pulse stretcher can be supplied. You must be familiar with these interlocks before operating the circuit-breaker Electrical interlocks have been designed according to the circuit diagram.

Vacuum circuit-breaker up to 36 kV

It areav the Panel Builder to design switchgear solutions with fixed type or withdrawable type of circuit breaker with enhanced safety features, full control from a separate room and with the following technical characteristics:. It remains in this initial position until the ON command is issued again. Clean by means of a dry, lint-free cloth. Observe interlock conditions see chapter 7.

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