Andrzej ŻUCHOWSKI Leon PROCHOWSKI, Analiza stanu bezpieczeństwa pasażerów na tylnych siedzeniach samochodu osobowego podczas wypadku. Leon Prochowski’s 13 research works with 15 citations and reads, including: Experimental and analytic determining of the Andrzej Zuchowski. Leon Prochowski of Military University of Technology, Warsaw (WAT) with expertise in: Automotive Jan ; Andrzej ŻUCHOWSKI, Leon PROCHOWSKI .

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Adam T, Untaroiu CD. Zucchi, Lucia Zucchi, M.

F Zudin, Yuri B. This risk is considered and calculated in the aspect of a car passenger position that slightly deviates from the one planned by manufacturers of individual protection devices.

Technika transportu ladunkow: Andrzej Zuchowski, Leon Prochowski: : Books

The analysis also included the criteria index values that refer to the head, neck and chest injuries. Eksploatacja i Niezawodnosc — Maintenance and Reliability ; 3: Eksploatacja i Niezawodnosc — Maintenance and Reliability ; 2: M Zubarev Zubarev, S. Zuckerman, Marvin Zuckerman, Marvin S. Zuckweiler, Rebecca Zuckweiler, Rebecca L.


Index calculation results confirm the influence of a small change to the leg and torso position on the index values, thus on the probability of injuries of the rear seat passengers in a passenger car.

Sharon Zukin, James H.

Authors: zu

Analysis of French Accident Data. Zubler Zubler, David C. Zunica, Mario Zunich Zunich, R. Zulker Zulker, Anthony E.

Prochowski, Leon (1944- ).

Eksploatacja i Niezawodnosc — Maintenance and Reliability ; 1: Evans L, Frick MC. Siti Zuhrt Zuhrt, H. Zuckerman, Ben Zuckerman, Bert M. Zuev, Valerij Zuev, Vladimir E.

Project Page Feedback Known Problems. Zuckerman, Mark Zuckerman, Martin M. Transportation Research, ; Part C Zuev, Yuriy Zueva Zueva E.

Attention was focused on the analysis of measurable effects of the position modification in the area of torso and head movement and neck deformation. Zucker, Margaret Zucker, Marjorie B. Specificities of Rear Occupant Protection: These differences are described in details.

Zunino, Mario Zunino, P. The New Car Assessment Program: Seating Position in Cars and Fatality Risk. Zurita, Alonso de Zurita, Ana M. Polish 24 English 4. Zusman, Pinhas Zusman, Randall M.