The International Personality Disorder Examination (IPDE) is a helpful tool used to diagnose a personality disorder. Order the IPDE from PAR today!. Objective: To test the reliability and applicability of Urdu translation of the International personality disorder examination (IPDE) in a psychiatric outpatient. The International Personality Disorder Examination (IPDE) is a semistructured clinical interview compatible with the International Classification of Diseases.

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The IPDE has proven to be a user-friendly and clinically meaningful tool for clinicians throughout the exaination psychiatric community.

Assessment and diagnosis of personality disorders.

International Personality Disorder Examination (IPDE) CPD event | University of Manchester

For each IPDE Interview question, the corresponding personality disorder and the specific diagnostic criterion is identified with precise scoring guidelines. Stability and change in personality disorder features: MI helped in data analysis and interpretation of results and preparation and revision of draft manuscript and supervised the research project.

Usefulness of the International Personality Disorder Examination Screening Questionnaire for borderline and impulsive personality pathology in adolescents. Scoring of items ranges between 0 absent or within normal range1 present to an attenuated degree and 2 pathological, meets criterion standards. ICD has anankastic, anxious and dissocial instead of obsessive compulsive, avoidant and antisocial personality disorders respectively.

Both these classificatory systems are overlapping but different. Correlation coefficient was also calculated for dimensional scores between the two raters.

Forensic Applications of the International Personality Disorder Examination (CPD event)

However, this is hardly surprising considering, only patients who were suspected to have a personality disorder were included in our study. The major problem with the IPDE is the time it takes to complete one assessment; however we found that IPDE screen can be used for initial assessment thus reducing the time. Inclusions of only those who were suspected to have a personality disorder could be another source of bias.


Patients considered to have a personality disorder by a psychiatrist were initially screened by personalihy IPDE screening questionnaire. Correlation coefficient for dimensional scores between the two raters was 0. The questions are arranged in sections e.

The interview is the most widely used of its kind and is the only personality disorder interview based on worldwide field trials. Fatima Bukharie 2 Dr. Both can be obtained by paper and pencil algorithms, but also computer software is available. Variable Number Percentage Gender Male 5 The cover page contains the personality disorder summary table with a confidence rating and diagnosis listed for each personality disorder and the Dimensional score profile.

Patients with clinical suspicion of personality disorders were screened by the screening questionnaire, and those who scored high on screening were evaluated in a detailed interview using IPDE ICD version.

Open in a separate window. To test the reliability and applicability of Urdu translation of the International personality disorder examination IPDE in a psychiatric outpatient population in Pakistan. Prevalence and correlates of personality disorder in Great Britain.

Sex differences in the contact rates and utilization of psychiatric services A three-year follow-up study in northern Finland.

We had a rather small sample size. Find articles by Fareeha Hamid. Find articles by Muhammad Ayub.

The aim of the current study was to test the reliability and the cultural applicability of the Urdu translation of the IPDE in Pakistan in a clinical outpatient population. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser.


Learning objectives Following the training, participants will be able to: There are numerous limitations of this study.

Urdu translation of IPDE is a reliable tool to screen and diagnose personality disorders in population of Pakistan. However, this study focused only on evaluation of psychometric properties of the instrument and it was not intended to be an epidemiological study. All these patients were independently screened by IPDE personality disorder screen. Majority of patients had more than one personality disorder. Please see our Test User Qualifications page for guidance. Dimensional scales provide scores on the traits underlying each of the categorical personality disorders, regardless of whether or not the patient has the disorder.

She has published two books and many articles on these subjects.

International Personality Disorder Examination

What our students say “An excellent day – really engaging, informative and very relevant to my role. It has demonstrated interrater reliability and temporal stability that is roughly similar to instruments used to diagnose psychoses, mood, anxiety and substance use disorders. According to the analysis, most prevalent personality disorder was emotionally unstable borderline type.