GRATA RECORDATIO: ON THE ROSARY. by Pope John XXIII. and a great selection of similar Used, New and Collectible Books available now at. Grata Recordatio (“With joyful recollection”) was the third encyclical issued by Pope John XXIII, and was issued on 26 September It urges the use of the. GRATA RECORDATIO: ON THE ROSARY. [Pope John XXIII.] on * FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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The Holy Father uses language which can apply to physical health or to salvation. These two events—the one full of sorrow, the other full of joy—attest clearly to the world that while all things human gradually decline and decay, the Roman Pontificate withstands the recorrdatio of centuries, even though the visible Heads of the Church must, one after another, leave this mortal exile as they complete the span of days which God in His providence has set for them.

On October 11,We shall have the great pleasure of presenting mission crucifixes to a large group of Catholic missionaries who are about to leave their beloved homes and undertake the heavy responsibility of bringing the light of Christianity to distant people. An Unbroken Succession 7.

Grata Recordatio

And now it is a pleasure also to recall that this same Predecessor of Ours urged all the faithful to pious recitation of the rosary during October in the Encyclical Ingruentium malorum 3 We would like to repeat one admonition 4 from that Encyclical: Instead it looked at truth, unity and peace with distinctive familiarity and concern.

Among the pleasant recollections of Our younger days are the Encyclicals which Pope Leo XIII used to write to the whole Catholic world as the month of October drew near, in order to urge the faithful to devout recitation of Mary’s rosary during recorcatio month in particular. We see all mankind striving for a better future; We see the awakening of a mysterious force, and this permits Vs to hope that men will be drawn by a right conscience and a sense of duty to advance the real interests of human society.


John Vianney, the patron saint of priests. During Our first year as pope—a year which is almost over—We have several times had occasion to urge the clergy and laity to public and private prayer. AAS 43 ff. For the redordatio is a very commendable form of prayer and meditation.

Finally, they must be ever gfata that the individual souls of men are created by God and destined to possess and enjoy Him. These young men present such a wonderful spectacle that We must be optimistic for the future. There is another matter also which compels Us to ask that the Sacred College of Cardinals, you, Venerable Brethren, all priests and nuns, the sick and disabled, our innocent children, and all Christians address earnest and suppliant prayers to Jesus Christ and His most loving Mother.

For the rosary is a very commendable form of prayer and meditation. And as we recite these vocal prayers, we gecordatio upon the principal mysteries of our religion; the Incarnation of Jesus Christ and the Redemption of the human race are proposed, one graa after another, for our consideration. There is a play on words in this sentence and the following paragraph which is difficult to render in English.

Papal titles Revolvy Brain revolvybrain.

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And so We hope that men will set aside those sterile postulates and assumptions, hard as rock and just as inflexible, which rise from a way of thinking and acting that is infected with laicism and materialism, and that they will find a complete cure in that sound doctrine which experience makes more certain with every day that passes.

They must be mindful of the eternal laws which come from God and are the bases and pivots of all government. It is derived from a biblical passage: Member feedback about Domnus Apostolicus: These Encyclicals had varied contents, but they were all very wise, vibrant with fresh inspiration, and directly relevant to the practice of the Christian life. The authority of the encyclical varies depending on the circumstances on the content and is not necessarily infallible.

Venerable Brethren, Greetings and Apostolic Benediction. But God wishes the welfare of men and of nations! This impossibility We shall never cease from asserting in firm and unambiguous, though also calm terms.


That this goal may be realized in the fullest sense—that is, with the triumph of the kingdom of truth, justice, peace, and charity—We exhort all Our children in Christ to be “of one heart and one soul” 12 and to pour out ardent prayers in October to our Queen in heaven and our loving Mother, reflecting upon the words of the Apostle: They must adapt to the needs of men of today the laws which regulate the state and society and which bind together nations and classes of society.

Our thoughts turn to all the lands of this earth. They must adapt to the needs of men of today the laws which regulate the trata and society and which bind together nations and classes of society.

Member feedback about Princeps pastorum: We trust that the apostolic labors of these young men will be commended to the Virgin Mary in your devout prayers through the month of October. During Our first year as pope — a year which is almost over — We have several times had occasion to urge hrata clergy and laity to public and private prayer.

But today We make this same request with even greater emphasis and earnestness, for reasons which this Encyclical will set out very briefly. Although these two celebrations fall only by coincidence on the same day, they have the same meaning and importance: These pleasant memories of Our younger days have not faded or vanished as the years of Our life have passed.

Peter’s, on the 26th day of September, in the yearthe first of Our Pontificate. These pleasant memories of Our younger days have not faded or vanished as the years of Our life have passed.