The Oracle E-Business Suite products provide many key flexfields as integral parts of the products. This chapter contains tables with basic information for many . 4 Values and Value Sets. 5 Using Additional Flexfield Features. 6 Key Flexfields in Oracle E-Business Suite. 7 Standard Request Submission. For flexfields and report parameters in Oracle E-Business Suite, values in value sets can affect functionality such as the rollup of accounting data, job grades.

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If you are creating a new role, save your changes before proceeding. You decide what each segment means, what values each segment can have, and what the segment values mean.

If you flefields missing any values that had been in the original value set, your users will get error messages upon querying up any old records whose values are now missing. You should never change or delete a predefined value set that Oracle E-Business Suite supplies. Column Size Fields The three Size fields automatically display the sizes of the columns you select. The value of the field must be in the format of the displayed value for the segment.

Ebusiness receive a warning message if you enter a segment number that is already defined for your flexfield. Once you save your context field value, you cannot delete or change your context field value because it is referenced elsewhere in the system.

If your end user enters an invalid segment value, auite list of valid values appears automatically so that the user can choose a valid value. The other view is for the flexfiields structure you are defining and freezing. Poplist – fewer than 10 values expected List of Values – between 10 and values expected Long List of Values – more than values expected Specify the Security Type you plan to use with any segments that use this value sutie.

Oracle E-Business Suite Flexfields Guide

In Oracle E-Business Suite, we use a key flexfield range to help you specify cross-validation rules for key flexfield combinations. You do not oraacle to use Examine to get names and codes for the oeacle for the other values.

The field must be in the same form as the flexfield. This value set has a validation type of None, so it accepts any positive or negative number value up to fifteen characters long including the minus sign.

Flexfield value set security provides a level of security that is different from the previously-existing and similarly-named features in Oracle E-Business Suite: However, unique ID numbers are easier to maintain in a relational database application because only one column is required for the ID number, while multiple columns would be required for an intelligent key one for each section or segment fpr the code. There are two situations where this could cause a problem.


You must design and configure your Item Flexfield before you can start defining items. The Oracle E-Business Suite stores these “codes” in key flexfields.

For example, if the value set does not allow alphabetic characters, your user could not enter the value ABC, but could enter the value for a value set with maximum length of three. Using multiple tables in a single value set For value sets that use multiple tables, you should always include the table aliases with all your column names.

Create or select a validation table in your database. However, you want to make the values in the context field list of values conditional on some criteria data striping. In addition, if the descriptive flexfield appears in several different windows or blocks, the same field must exist in all blocks that contain this descriptive flexfield.

In the case where the context field is displayed, there are no global segments, and a context field value is in the value set but does not have any context-sensitive segments, only the context field is displayed.

You use “Special” validation type value sets to provide a flexfield-within-a-flexfield. Oracle E-Business Suite requires access to your flexfield validation table, as follows:. If you enter a display size that is shorter than the maximum size, you can still enter a segment value of the maximum size since the segment field in the window can scroll.

Securing Flexfield Value Sets in EBS | Oracle E-Business Suite Technology Blog

Choosing Your Value Set. You should keep this arrangement in mind as you write your report program.

The table contains a unique ID column also called the code combination ID column as the primary key, as well as individual segment columns, a structure ID column, and other flexfields-related columns. However, once you use your value set in any of the following ways, you cannot delete your value set: If you are defining a value set that uses a validation table, you should set the value in this field to reflect the characteristics of the values in your validation table.

Users can enter this value in a flexfield segment or a report parameter that uses this value set. Of course, you could initially define a hybrid structure that contains some global segments and some context-sensitive segments but has only one context-sensitive structure with a default context field value but no context field or reference field.


Do you want the available values in a segment to depend upon what value a user entered in a prior segment? Your three value sets might be defined as follows: You would then define context-sensitive segments for just those countries that need context-sensitive segments. A segment that uses this value set that is, a non-validated segment cannot use flexfield value security rules to restrict the values a user can enter.

If you do not have any context-sensitive segments, or you want the context field to remain blank unless filled in by a reference field, you should leave this field blank. If a key flexfield segment value is optional that is, the Required check box for the segment is uncheckedthen the default value will populate the segment only if the user first opens the flexfield window.

If you do not define them in your context field value set then you will not be able to use them, but you do not want to add duplicate them in your custom table.

You can set up your flexfield so that it automatically validates segment values your end user enters against a table of valid values which may also have value descriptions. Define your dependent value set name and formatting options.

Values and Value Sets

Each block contains a descriptive flexfield flesfields its last field. Navigate to the Value Sets window. Often the business uses of the particular window dictate which fields, oacle any, are acceptable reference fields. If your segment is not displayed, you should provide a default type and value so that the user iracle not need to enter a value for this segment. If you have context field values contained in an existing table, you can create a value set that includes those values, and enter the name of that value set here.

To implement a validation table: A reference field should only allow previously defined values so that you can anticipate all possible context field values when you define your structures using the Context Field Values zone.