American DJ® Los Angeles, CA -DMX OPERATOR User Manual page 5 American DJ® Los Angeles, CA -DMX OPERATOR User Manual page. The Scene Setter is a Dimming Console for controlling your DMX light entertainment system. With inputs for audio, fog machine and a built in microphone you. ELATION. PROFESSIONAL. SCENE SETTER. TI. 24 CH Dimmer Console. SCENE SETTER 48 recordable progams. – Fog Machine trigger Read the instruction in this manual carefully and thoroughly, asthey give important information.

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Tap the Delete button to delete the step. In most CD players, the reduction More information. No part of this manual may be reproduced, in any form or by any means, without permission in writing from Martin.

Functions will automatically return when the file dump is completed.

ADJ Scene Setter 48 Channel Dimming Console – MIDI Functions & DMX Dimming Control

With its low weight and bright LCD display you’ll have no trouble moving this controller where it’s needed and getting it set up. This button is used to momentarily black out overall output. Contact your nearest dealer. Push Channel slider 1 to the top position, its LED light at full intensity. Please login rlation register.


Elation Professional Los Angeles, Ca www. Chase Rev is to reverse the chasing direction of a scene under Speed Slider control. Videos Manyal are currently no videos available for this product. To finish patching and.

Master A is at its maximum in the fully up position, while Master B is at its maximum in the fully down position. Enter current Record Code Flash buttons 1, and. Elation Professional S.

Brief of Main Functions Single Mode 1. Running a Program To Audio 1.

I see reconde enable on page 7 and security. Tap the Step button to scroll to the third step. Safety Information More information.

Clear a Scene or Scenes 1. Frequently Asked Questions Please see our frequently asked questions below.

Scene Setter-48

The first time you turn on your unit, the default setting of the Record Code is Flash buttons 1, and. All LEDs will flash, indicating all programs stored in memory have been erased I am guessing that somewhere along the way the code to enter record got changes from the usual 1 6 6 8, but so far no one seems to know of any way to force a reset.

The second time you enter your new Record Code different from that of the first time, the LEDs will not flash, which means you’ve failed to change the Record Code. Third question, does anyone make a settrr inline box that takes dmx 1 and allows all addresses to be ofset by a set amount?


Scene Setter 48

Please read this user manual carefully and follow the instructions to avoid danger or damage to the unit due. Adjust your fixtures in either percentage or DMX value to get the dimming effect desired. You can run more programs in Single Mode or Mix Mode simultaneously 1. NEVER use the unit under the following conditions: To see the details of your patch touch View Patch. File dump will be interrupted and stop if errors occur or power failure. My next problem is on ths scene setter, I simply cannot get it to go into record mode ,anual even try the solution.

To finish patching and More information. X July Table of Contents 0. Whether you want simple. You can connect a variety of audio devices, including s, via this interface to the. Tap svene Insert button to insert the step you’ve created before, all LEDs will flash, indicating the step is inserted.