A. Savlon that too should b used in ratio which mean it should b diluted with 1 part of Savlon & 20 parts of water, Use this liquid (it’s very conceraterd which. It contains I.P. % v/v Chlorhexidine Gluconate Solution and B.P. Strong cetrimide Savlon which was clinically proven to be a better antiseptic than Dettol. Dettol vs. Savlon_final – Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online.

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Though Dettol had a high penetration level and almost all households kept a bottle of it handy, they rarely used it. The then market leader Dettol has already created a story and proved to be a better story teller – Antiseptics that created burning sensation on wounds are effective ones.

So till it is not tantalizing the wounds it is not working. Thansk for all the encouragement. You come off a little out of context-can you add some detail?

Soviet coach Viktor Thikonov rested most of his best players, preferring to let them study plays rather than actually skate. Dettol though having the same antiseptic effects as Savlon provides, had a better marketing strategy of portraying that best antiseptic liquid had higher burning sensation.

Dettol has its product mix ranging from hand washplastersoapshaving creambody wash and liquid antiseptics. The savlon ad which used to come when we were a kids was my favorites and Savlon did manage to replace Detol in my house Lack of effective marketing is one of the most important reasons.

Which is best antiseptic liquid? Dettol or Savlon?

Savlon markting communication aimed to capture the market by potraying their brand as non stingy one with tagline- “Heals without hurting”. They entered the Olympic tournament as dfttol favorites, having won every ice hockey gold medal but one since I was not the only unlucky child. In desperation have found some old Savlon, 10 years past it’s sell-by date. Launched inDettol antiseptic liquid was as generic to its category as Xerox became to copiers. Answer Questions How do you tell the severity of a burn?


I knew that when i wrote thisit will be not an as easy a read as the other posts that i have written i wanted to experiment a bitI did not want to present the case study in a very mundane mannerso added the comparison with the miracle on the ice in the end. It was an antiseptic lotion that did not hurt. Next Article Gillette vs Startups!

Aditi June 18, at 9: Savlon was proved effective antiseptic than dettol and they positioned their brand as An antiseptic that doesn’t hurts while healing wounds and has a better smell.

Praveen June 17, at When we were Microbiology undergraduate, we did MIC Minimal inhibitory concentration test with Savlon and Dettol against a number of bacterial species.

Dettol Best preferred worldwide: As per reports of AC Nielsonfamous market research company dettol holds a market share of more than 50 percent in handwash category and undoubtedly is the sole leader in the field of antiseptic lotions. May I ask you to clear up some misconceptions? So Savlon instead being a good product and great brand failed. It was a one way wrestling affair throughout. The superhero had a lot of superpowers to protect us children from all infections but alas he was not the articulate types.


About Me The Wolverine View my complete profile. Which antiseptic should you choose? Dettol — The main chemical in Dettol is chloroxylenol. Savlon is definitely the best!

Yes, it did not hurt!!!!!!!!! For the same price you can have an antiseptic liquid rettol burns your skin less and provides the best antiseptic protection currently present in the market.

Wolverine’s Den: Dettol vs Savlon

In a way it was because of lack effective and mass marketing that savlon couldnt do will in the market,as more over dettol was launched in the yearwhich sxvlon think was the cause for it to find a place in every household and was the only antiseptic liquid available at that time in india.

But after reading this one thing dsttol sure Too bad that you did’nt like it though: Savlon introduced itself as an antiseptic liquid which created a lesser burning sensation with the best antiseptic formula currently in the market.

But the question arises how has dettol managed this? Just4kids Services Pvt Ltd. As for the dettol woundsdavlon share a detttol past there. Karan June 20, at My mom would clean the wound with Dettol, and even if it was a small scratch it burned like ambers on fire.

Price Point Dettol mL: So undoubtedly a better product! Anywaysas usual thanks a lot for your inputs,They are one of the most neutral comments that i get.

Dettol is an awesome story teller: And then came our superhero.