Configuring darcs. Building darcs. Manual. We still don’t have a manual for Darcs >= Want to help us?.

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Build a tool based on darcs patches where the user can reconstruct the changes for both sides of the conflict as a chain of darcs patches, and then use the darcs merge result to actually resolve the conflict or at least cut it down.

This is the perfect project for a non-darcs Haskeller to get on. Retrieved from ” http: Keep in mind that you could always propose an project with a whole different set of ideas. If you have a user account on code.

Note that this description should describe the patch, and should not describe how to use a certain feature; this should go into a comment or a README or the documentation. Gerris depends on a version of automake greater than or equal to 1.

GF Darcs repository

This applies the patch to your local repository. Darcs installation From Gerris. Change the ,anual issue tracker to store the issues themselves in a separate darcs repository.

The wiki can be downloaded with the command: Note that when running these commands, configure may complain about missing libraries etc An approach to address this would be to only resume exporting when the source repo is in a non-conflicting mnaual to at least have a history log that is faithful to the source repo.


We would like to experiment switching to a newer system like wreqor req see motivation wrt wreq. Since new versions of Gerris are released often, it is a good idea to automate this upgrading process. For more info about what you dsrcs do darccs darcs, see http: Darcs is a decentralized revision control system. On the other hand, ” Fix typo in comment ” is probably good enough.

Produced by hackage and Cabal 2.

Darcs installation – Gerris

As you have a copy of the Carpet repository stored locally, this will not require an internet connection and will be very fast. This text assumes that you have already installed darcs and obtained the development version of Carpet, but are possibly too scared or lazy to actually read the darcs manual. Learn more about spontaneous branches with darcs.

If you use the -a flag to push, all local patches which are not in the main repo are pushed. List of things that probably should be spun off into standard libraries or merged with, replaced with, etc:.

Modules [ Index ] Darcs Darcs. Originally developed by physicist David Roundy, darcs is based on a unique algebra of patches. Detecting file similarity and detect files moves and hunk moves. Do we need to export branches as much as possible or only branch in presence of tags and conflicts? As usual, the authoritative source of information is the darcs manualwhich also ships darrcs your darcs installation.

If you later discover that your patch mwnual incomplete, missing a file, or contains an error, then you can use. This description should be somewhat descriptive, because other people will decide from this description whether they want this patch or not. Undoes changes to your working directory that have not yet been recorded.


This command will check for new patches on the http: Mon Feb 25 The preferred way to install Gerris if you intend to contribute to the code is using the darcs version control system. These ideas can be also useful for a Google Summer of Code project. You create the patch bundle with:.

darcs(1) – Linux man page

Improve the representation of manuak conflict markers in the working directory – e. Views Article Discussion Edit History. Undoes the effect of pulling a patch from a remote repository. This smartness lets you respond to changing demands in ways that would otherwise not be possible.

What about current Darcs versions versus new bucketes repositories? Darcs is a free, open source revision control system.

Hacking Please consult http: If you are using read-only access, send your patches by email to someone with write-access. Darcs is written in Haskell and you need GHC mxnual compile it. You can pass arguments to autogen.

You can choose to record one change in a file, while ignoring another.