Mabel Condemarín 3 – Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. comprensión lectora. Copyright: © All Rights Reserved. Download as PDF or. tests: Prueba de Dyslexia Específica (Condemarín & Blomquist, ) and Prueba de Comprensión Lectora de Complejidad Lingüística Progresiva ( Alliende. Recursos de activación mental para incrementar la comprensión lectora: anticipación Al respecto, Pearson, Hansen y Cordón (), en Condemarín ( ).

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The specific type of mental operations used by a good reader depends largely on the structure of the texts narrative, expository or scientific. In this sense, Areiza and Henao emphasize condearin fact that comprensiion cognitive and metacognitive skills involving complex mechanisms are deployed at the end of high school and even in graduate school.

Students who can meet the demands of academic discourse develop comprrnsion and metacognitive skills with which to understand the information they get from reading scientific texts, and thus establish their learning.

This was used by students to supplement other didactic materials, and had the aim of promoting a more participatory and active teaching and learning process. Everything indicated that they were deficient in their ability to evaluate and regulate their reading comprehension.

In addition, many were unable to identify the inconsistency.

Mabel Condemarín by INGRID ORREGO on Prezi

These were evidenced by the unity, coherence and overall sense of the summary, where they had to rank the ideas using the central proposition as a basis for understanding them Dijk, Pearson, Roehler, Dole and Duffy have shown that competent readers possess defined characteristics, among which are notable: The participants were third- and fourth-grade students: They found it difficult to identify clearly the central theme of the piece and its most significant elements.


Problems concerning the comprehension of texts are Benito, The test was given after the last partial evaluation of the course when, supposedly, there was greater interaction between students and comprensiion. Those who did not take it argued that analyzing the text leectora was too time-consuming for them. Among the students who completed the test as directed, there were those who showed difficulties in ranking the ideas and differentiating the main proposition from the secondary ones.

They did not use their prior knowledge to recognize the structure of the text and reflect it in the summary. A schema-theoric view of basic processes in reading comprehension.

La Voz del Interior On Line. The processing of this information should be easy for students, since most of the concepts were developed in a course in the fourth quarter, taken up again to integrate new knowledge on the subject during the fifth semester, and especially when the course evaluations had been concluded.

Revista Electrónica de Investigación Educativa

Textual and cognitive competence was partially developed in the basic cycle. The goal determines what lectorq and capabilities must be brought into play when reading.

The building block of cognition. A text is not read in the same way if the purpose is to pass the time as it when the aim is to identify main ideas, search for the best title, draw conclusions or make a critical assessment of it.

Reading also is perceived as a process of transaction between the reader and the text Rosenblatt,and the meaning extracted from the latter will depend on the transactions produced between the reader and the text in a specific context Cairney, A good reader uses mental processes that allow him to identify the structure of the text and to update his plans Contreras and Covarrubias, There are two levels in this process: March 18, ; accepted for publishing: The reading of texts, especially scientific ones, is a key technique for recovering acquired knowledge and using concepts that activate the memory as well as the ability leectora reason, and to make sense of and evaluate the cognitive processes developed, that is, for expanding cognitive and metacognitive skills.


Of the latter, there were computed hierarchically those of second, third, fourth and comprenion order according to their relevance in the text. Some evaluation results indicated that as readers integrate what they already know with new concepts, they become little competent in processing information when they do not comprrension and evaluate their cognitive processes.

This topic, proposed by the teacher in charge of the class, represented a previous taxonomic and evolutionary value concept which the learners had acquired in the course they had taken earlier as a prerequisite for their present class, and which they had to apply and integrate into their present course contents. The immature reader often processes it in a linear manner, and has trouble identifying global aspects within the text.

Brewer EdsTheoretical issues in reading comprehension. Regarding the subject matter of the text, they had to include terms or synonyms for body cavitystructural diversitymetazoans.

Estrategias para los alumnos del nivel superior. These adjectives were defined as: The skilled reader is able to recognize the type of text he is reading, and in this way, updates and expands his network of conceptual schematics.

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